Tillandsia have leaves coated in specialised water-absorbent cells called trichomes which in some species are so dense they give the plants a silvery, frosted appearance. The trichomes are their primary method of obtaining moisture from rainfall or fog, so when they are kept inside they need misted every few days. 


Please read the "Care for your air plants" and "Watering and Feeding" section in the product description, and read more on the internet more details about each plant, as care can be different, depending on which Tillansia variety you have. The plants will be posted in thriving conditions.


The displays are made with a mix of native UK shells and stones and exotic ones and they are small enough to be suitable for posting (5 - 15 cm).  Some displays' photos have a variety of plants, so choose plant you wish to add to the display from below, but bear in mind some displays would not take all available plants. Some plants are very large, so therefore would just suit large displays.


The large fishbowls displays are only available for collection. Photos to follow.

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