• Tree is a beautiful design, ideal for synchronised swimming competition. The print was initially made for a synchro UK solo and a Croatian duet. We reserve the right to refund the purchase if we think that there is a possibility that the swimsuit will be used in the same competitions.


    The skin colour enhances the high leg & deep plunge effect and you can easily add lots of sequins or crystals for outstanding look. 

    The model is 1.64m tall and she is wearing a size 30. Please note the skin colour is a light shade, compared to the model's tanned skin. 


    Fully lined suits.


    Delfina swimsuits can be bought from stock or ordered in your own designs in many chlorine resistant training suits back versions to suit different body shapes: Bladeback (Thick straps), XBack (thick straps, narrower at the hips); Openback (thin straps, low at the back); Lightback (thin straps, higher at the back); Skinny  Openback (thin straps, narrow body shape).


    You can also order the water polo swim suits with a zipperback. All the suits come fully lined, so ideal for open water swimming or sea swimming. 



      The limited-edition sublimated prints on the Delfina bespoke swimwear make them a truly unique looking, chlorine resistant training costumes. Delfina has a focus on comfort and performance carefully balancing all of this to create a suit that offers an enhanced support and comfort.


      Delfina swim suits are made from a durable, chlorine resistant fabric (200 gr/sq.m. fabric 47% PBT, 53% Polyester) which sustain a heavy swimming training regime and are also ideal for diving, triathlon, underwater hockey / octopush, underwater rugby, or just for leisure swimming.

    • These swimsuits make perfect choices as synchronised swimming competition suits as they come in many types of backs (including specially made synchro zipperback, synchronised swimming swimwear) and they are easily embellished afterwards with sequins, crystals, foil transfer, etc.

      Delfina swim togs can be customised with your own swim team designs. See Clubs page for more information.