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UNLEASH THE POWER OF ENDLESS SWIMMINGWith the POWERBREATHER, breathing 100% fresh air suddenly becomes effortless. Settle in, focus on the rhythm of your swimming, and go the distance. No turning your head, no clearing your snorkel. It’s just you and the water for as long as you want to go.


The AMEO POWERBREATHER Sport Edition is for those who want to swim in both the pool and calm open water. Also for lower swimming positions.


    Kit Contents:

    2x SPEEDVENT EASY S (Standard)
    1x CASE
    AMEO POWERBREATHER PB01 (incl. SPEEDVENT S) Weight: 220 gramm (7,8 oz.) / Dimensions: 365mm x 198mm x 38mm


      The patented AMEO FRESH AIR SYSTEM makes the POWERBREATHER unique. Unlike conventional snorkels, you inhale and exhale through completely separate channels, ensuring that only fresh, oxygen-rich air enters your lungs. At the same time, the innovative valve technology prevents water from entering the POWERBREATHER. You can breathe as naturally in the water as you do on shore.


      Inhale without fear of ever swallowing water. The patented AMEO FRESH AIR SYSTEM completely separates inhalation (through both tubes) from exhalation (through the mouthpiece), so only fresh, oxygen-rich air enters your lungs. Innovative valves prevent water from breaking in and allow the natural humidity from inhaled air to automatically exit with every exhale, so you can breathe as naturally in the water as you do on shore.


      Inhaling deeply without the fear of swallowing – made possible with the POWERBREATHER due to its innovative valve technology and smart design. Together with specifically developed diffusors, that technology safely prevents water from entering the system. At the same time, the natural humidity of inhaled air as well as occasional water will be automatically transported out of the system when exhaling. That mechanism allows you to breath freely at any time.

    • More about Powerbreather

      The POWERBREATHER makes swimming easier and safer, makes training more efficient, and improves performance – all due to its innovative respiratory technology (AMEO FRESH AIR SYSTEM), its MODULAR SYSTEM which creates new opportunities for training and leisure activities, as well as its EASY FIT ERGONOMICS.

      The Powerbreather is an innovation for swimmers of all performance levels, triathletes and snorkelers; ideal for technique, endurance and respiratory muscle training in one.

      With the AMEO FRESH AIR SYSTEM, the swimmer breathes for the first time only fresh air, no pendulum breathing
      Innovative valve technology protects against water entering, no irritating blowing out liquids from the snorkel.


      Endorsed by

      • JAN FRODENO – IRONMAN World and European Champion 2015 – regularly trains successfully with the AMEO POWERBREATHER since the end of 2014
      • THOMAS LURZ – Open water swimmer, twelve time World Champion, second in the Olympic Games 2012
      • STEFFEN DEIBLER – Competitive swimmer, world record holder 50m butterfly stroke


      • AMEO FRESH AIR SYSTEM – Innovative 2-way separation system – for always fresh, oxygen-rich breathing air and free D-Tubes.
      • SPEED VENT EASY – For relaxed, natural breathing while swimming or active snorkeling-diving.
      • EASY FIT AIR JUNCTION – Quick application with maximum fitting accuracy and wearing comfort.
      • TWIST LOCK SYSTEM – Comfortable adjustment to the individual size of the head.
      • D-TUBES – D-shaped profile for comfortable, secure hold with optimum airflow (inside) and flow resistance (outside).