• Corina Dickson

Pre-teen synchro swimmer sensation

Mary-Ann van Grinsven is only 12 years old and already a well known name in the world of artistic swimming

Mary-Ann van Grinsven is a customer of Acquawear swimwear UK shop and we provided her with synchronised swimming competition swimsuits for solo and duet
Lovely meeting Mary-Ann, the Dutch synchro swimmer raising star

I met Mary-Ann last weekend in Eindhoven, while I was there for the Diving Cup introducing new brands to divers from Europe and beyond . Mary-Ann came over with her parents, all the way from Rosmalen, to meet each other and buy some new sporty training swimsuits for her busy training schedule. A girl never has enough.... shoes?....no; in Mary-Ann's case, swimsuits! She is one of my customers for the past two years. I always love meeting my customers and I was very happy when her and her best friend Floor and their parents came over.

Mary-Ann started synchronised swimming at the tender age of seven and passed all the levels in quick succession, so by the time she was nine years old she was already selected by SynchroSteps, an organisation that coaches talented young people to improve their confidence, technique, strength and agility.

As Mary-Ann started training in multiple venues, including at the training centre of the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation (KNZB), the results of her hard work showed soon after as she won gold in all four parts of the synchronised swimming: technique, solo, duet and group performance. She became an undisputed champion of the South region, which early last summer earned her a well deserved place on the national squad. Just one small detail delayed her in taking her place with the squad: she had a long summer ahead visiting her parents' families in Guatemala and the USA. But that didn't keep Mary-Ann back, as she had to keep her top form for the return after the long six weeks holidays, so while in Guatemala, she was allowed to train with the Guatemala national squad. The coach even wanted to include her in the Guatemalan team! She had to turn the offer down as her life is in the Netherlands.

I wish Mary-Ann and Floor great success in the future and I have no doubt that with the hard work they put in, all their dreams will come true!