• Corina Dickson

The Storm Will Pass - How a small business like Acquawear is doing during the current crisis

March was a very scary month for us! Not only for our lives, but for the very existence of our small business! How long can we go without any sales? How long will our reserves last? Will we be having a business left in a few months time? I am so grateful to all our customers that messaged me to ask how we are, not only as a business, but on a personal level as well.

Delfina, the manufacturer for my customised and club kit swimwear, told me that they are making face masks from mid March, but I wasn't yet ready to register the fact that, this will probably be the worldwide most worn item for weeks and months to come. By the end of March we started acknowledging the fact that, for our business to survive through these tough times, we need to take some measures and the answer was to stock face masks. Far from our though was benefiting from the pandemic, but we had to do something for the survival of our small business. We kept the prices minimal, made just the same way as we usually make them for the swimwear, unlike Proswimwear and other UK and EU swimwear businesses that sell the same identical face masks for more than double! My price is £6 compared to theirs starting at £11.49! When all this finishes I just hope people will remember which company stood by them through hardship, and who was there just for the profit. We not only brought in stock the manufacturer's designs, but invested time, effort and money in providing customers with our own custom prints. We even run a competition, with the winning design "The Storm Will Pass", by Abbie Hindle being printed out and sold on the website.

So again, thank you to all my usual swimwear customers, that were so kind and caring to shop with Acquawear when they need face masks for their families. It is highly appreciated, more than you will ever know! Also thank you to all the new customers as well, as their custom keeps Acquawear going.

A few days ago @acquawear1 was tagged into this lovely post of one of my diving customers, and I found out later from her parents, that the idea was all hers. She just wanted to give Acquawear a tag in a post, as her favourite and most comfortable swimsuits, the Korean brands Hoog and TSNine were bought from Acquawear. She heard before how hard it is for small businesses to survive and what is most important, she has done it without expecting anything in return! Just doing a good deed! Maisie Bond is not only a remarkable 13 years old athlete set on her path of becoming a household name for the British Diving, but also a remarkable human being and a true role model for the young generation of divers. What she did not know, was that for a while we were on the lookout for an athlete, with the possibility of being sponsored with swimwear by Acquawear. We always though it was very hard to choose between so many deserving athletes, but in the end it was the easiest choice made! It is not the level of competition Maisie is at (which is nevertheless a bonus), but her character really swayed it for us. Watch her below with her first sponsorship parcel content.

So guys, please keep shopping with Acquawear, as you are not only helping us as a small business, but some of our small profits will be directed towards providing swimwear to a GB athlete. And when you shop, if possible, please pay by credit card and not PayPal. I was "forced" to add PayPal back as a payment method, as some customers refuse to pay by any other form of payment, but most don't realise that PayPal is another greedy company that takes double or more in fees compared to the credit card provider Stripe, which is a well known and safe company we use for your purchases.

Stay safe and see you all on the other side,

Corina and Acquawear.

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