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Discover Three Steps to a More Youthful You

Feeling you’ve aged is never fun, but neither is subscribing to fads and trends that promise results but always fail to deliver. Instead of trying some new tip or technique, consider these research-based steps to a younger-feeling you, courtesy of Curvy Bathers by Acquawear

Stop Stressing for Eternal Youth

Stress has a way of draining your energy, and over the long term, it can make you feel old on the inside and out. Maintaining youth starts with leaving anxiety and stress behind, so de-stressing should be your first anti-aging strategy.

Plus, Health Day confirms that studies have found a link between high stress levels and “aged” cells. Worrying really can wear you down and impact your age on a cellular level. Practicing mindfulness – and even meditation – can help you ease anxiety and start feeling more positive.

Another step toward easing stress at home is cleaning up your space, both figuratively and literally. Freshening up by decluttering, cleaning, and allowing a breeze to blow through can help reduce everyday tension. Making your home a more enjoyable place to be can help you to fully relax during your downtime.

Recovering in a comfortable environment means you’re better equipped to handle challenges that do arise in work, relationships, and life in general.

Take Up Low-Impact Exercise

Maintaining healthy body weight is a great way to ease signs of aging on the outside. But exercising can also invigorate you in other ways, both emotional and mental. Working out can wake you up when you’re low on energy, but it can also help regulate your sleep cycle. Think about how good you feel post-workout, too – that’s enough to help you feel younger.

A combination of cardio and strength training is a win for anti-aging, and low impact fitness is gentle on your body. Swimming is another excellent choice for helping work out your muscles without stressing your joints. It can even help relieve back pain and other ailments related to what feels like premature aging. Of course, buying a new swimsuit can also help you feel young again, and it’s a great investment in your new exercise regime.

Boost Your Nutrient Intake

Eating better is a smart step for improving your overall health, but it can also help avoid feelings of early aging. When you eat well, you feel good, especially when you listen to your body’s signals, such as when it’s time to put the snacks down. Good nutrition is also about more than maintaining a healthy weight or skipping junk food.

For example, Harvard Health Publishing says that some foods can boost your brainpower. Fish with omega-3s, berries, green veggies, walnuts, and even coffee and tea may enhance your memory function.

And while antioxidants may not be magical solutions for signs of wrinkles and other evidence of aging, they can help you feel younger than your years. That’s because foods rich in antioxidants (like wild berries and turmeric, for example) are beneficial for achieving healthier skin, hair, and nails. Both of these nutritional boosts can help you feel younger, too.

No matter what anti-aging trends come on the scene, there are surefire ways to avoid feeling like you’re older than your chronological age. Erasing wrinkles is one thing – but nixing stress to maintain good vibes, working out for maximum body benefits, and upping your nutrient intake can start your youthful transformation from the inside working out.

If you’re thinking about adding low-impact exercise to your routine, check out Curvy Bathers by Acquawear for swimwear, workout gear, and more solutions to make fitness more fun and rewarding.

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