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  • Corina Dickson

What was first, the egg or the chicken: Music or Costume?

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

The path to a show stopping synchronised swimming (artistic swimming) routine

Most might argue but, for synchronised swimming, it is the music that comes before the designs of the beautiful and dramatic swimsuits they wear during their up to five-minute routines.

I thought you might find interesting how Aqualina Synchro Club developed their swimsuit design for The Synchro Combo Cup 2017 Gold Medal winning performance in the 13 – 18 years’ category!!!

Firstly, the club head coach Kerri Brennan certainly knows how to pick and mix creepy music for a show stopping routine! With that out of the way, she thought about involving the girls in the costume design, where the best and most accurate design to fit the music theme won. A few small changes were made to the design, including the removal of the tutu skirt which would have not been allowed in the competition.

This is when Kerri got me involved to make their design on paper a reality!

Our designer Iva, who has a wealth of knowledge, flair and inspiration shown in all the amazing work and designs for our aquatic clubs’ customers, made a few changes to the design composition. At this stage, Kerri got involved again in choosing the exact colour. It was also time for me to send the sizing kit across the “pond” for the girls to choose the right sizes for the most flattering fitting.

The design was then presented to the production team and a small issue with the design fitting at the back of the suit, most precisely the zipper pattern matching, arose which was easily fixed and the design approved as final design.

A few weeks later the team received the Synchro Zipperback swimwear and they were delighted! The routine they presented at the Synchro Combo Cup 2017 was exceptional and they won the well-deserved first place and Gold medals and the outstanding design swimsuits made “waves” between spectators, parents and participants.

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